Journal Surf ENRICH literacy resources

Journal Surf is now offering ENRICH literacy student resources to all teachers as a whole school subscription.

So what do I get with ENRICH?

ENRICH gives your school access to a library of leveled student activities for you to use. ENRICH gives you:

  • Topical themes to support teachers i.e. our planet earth, wild weather woes, and ANZAC.
  • Support for whole school or syndicate planning i.e. activities include literacy and curriculum goals, vocab and language features.
  • Quality-assured digital links — not only does this save time, but you can be sure of the appropriateness of the link in relation to the inquiry question.
  • Foster independence and engage students in authentic learning contexts across the curriculum.
  • Support inquiry learning and strengthen higher order thinking.
  • Support differentiation and meet literacy demands across the curriculum.
  • Direct support for teaching writing and quality texts i.e. the activities provide a rich context for developing critical literacy, writing knowledge and skills for a range of purposes.
  • Integrated with Journal Surf search (providing a ‘one-stop-shop’ for literacy support).

Free ENRICH Resources

To see how valuable ENRICH can be to your teaching practice, we've made some the ENRICH resources available for free. Click the button below to access our free samples of ENRICH:

What does ENRICH cost?

U grade Roll Cost for annual subscription (incl GST)
1-3 1–150 NZD $149.00
4-5 151–500 NZD $199.00
6 and other 501+ NZD $249.00

Here’s what teachers are saying about ENRICH resources…

“They are clear, follow a well-developed sequence, pitched well for my kids — challenging but manageable…there is integration across the curriculum including authentic use of digital technology…”

“They are well presented and have an excellent reading to researching or returning to text flow… I like the fact that they inspire the children and myself — they are accessible to both teacher and student and that they are topic oriented.”

“I’m finding the resources great, have been using the World Cup ones for the last few weeks.”

“The tips and guidance and websites at the side have been fantastic and the kids have been able to work through them without hardly any guidance / teaching from me. In other words — they have taken ownership without even realizing it. I have a group of kids who are very teacher dependent and this approach has helped me to move the learning responsibility over to them.”

How do I get ENRICH?

Click on the button below to subscribe to ENRICH. Once you have subscribed you will have IMMEDIATE ACCESS to ENRICH. Just click the 'Enrich Resources' toggle in the Journal Surf search and get started.

Why should I subscribe to ENRICH now?

Through ENRICH you get access to some amazing enrichment activities that will make your life better, simpler and easier — while enriching your students and strengthening independence.

Index of ENRICH topics

Published Topics Contents Year Developed
Anzac Understand that events have causes and effects.
To build an understanding of how people behave during times of conflict
Winter Weather Woes Looking at the impact of: natural processes (water cycle) and events (eg. flooding and snow storms) and human actions (eg. clearing land) on the landscape and on people lives. 2015
Rugby World Cup What do we need to think about and do to be an effective team player?
  • Building relationships with others.
  • How do different groups of people participate in sport?
Flags x3 What is a symbol?
Flags as symbols of belonging
Our Planet Earth x3 In what ways have humans made an impact on the earth?
How do we conserve what we have?
Kaitiakitanga: What is the Māori world-view?
Celebrating difference Building respectful relationships
Recognising that everyone is unique
Matariki What is Matariki?
What is the traditional view of Matariki?
How do we celebrate Matariki today?
Creating and Performing Exploring reader’s theatre through poetry: using our voices expressively.
Using drama to develop techniques and explore drama elements and conventions.
Our Star: the Sun The sun is the ultimate source of energy for life.
Earth is part of a bigger system.
We are learning more about our solar system as our technology improves.
The Olympic Games Accepting and adapting to physical challenges.
What does an athlete need to do to achieve their personal best?
The Outdoor Experience Finding our strengths: managing self, relating to others and participating and contributing 2016
Our Place Exploring unique NZ identity
What makes NZ special food, culture, our way of being, Kiwiana
Healthy eating Healthy eating practices
People on special diet to manage their health or uphold their philosophies
Influences of advertising on eating practices
The Ice cold continent Antarctica
Surviving in a cold environment
Volcanoes How and where do volcanoes form? How do they work?
What are scientists investigating in this area?
What impact do they have on the people who live near?
Gold-mining Examining the impact that gold-mining had on the development of New Zealand.
Remembering the groups of people involved, in some way with the gold rushes and their impact on NZ.
Investigating the technologies used to retrieve the gold.
Cultural expressions Looking at the dance and music of Pasifika Island nations 2017
Mini-beasts Exploring the world of the invertebrate. 2018
Being resilient What does being resilient mean?
How to stay emotionally safe
Pasifika pride Examining the Myths and Legends of New Zealand and the Pacific and their purposes.
Explanations of landforms, values referenced, stories of heroes and mythical creatures.
Sustainability Investigating sustainable practices to preserve our quality of life.
Pest control.
Examining how we deal with rubbish effectively.
New uses for rubbish, turning old into new.
Perfect Poetry Reading enjoying and performing.
Personification, onomatopoeia, metaphor.
Digital developments Characteristics of technology: exploring its impact on society and the environment, e.g. robotics developments: their use and impact, autonomous cars.
Use of cameras in the animal kingdom.
The Treaty of Waitangi Good rules or agreements keep us safe because everybody follows them.
The Treaty of Waitangi was New Zealand’s first national agreement designed to help Aotearoa be a safe and happy place for Maori and Pakeha.
The principles of the Treaty of Waitangi provide a useful way of applying the Treaty to new situations or settings.
Taking Action: Developing a Predator-free Environment Pests and predators
Pets, can they be predators, too?
The impact of possums on New Zealand’s flora and fauna
Biosecurity: protecting the border
Kauri dieback
Migration Why do people move to a new country?
What is it like to be a new, New Zealander?
Becoming Financially Literate What does it mean to be financially literate?
Examining our currency
Looking at needs and wants: Saving or spending
Choices Choosing to be honest
To be responsible
To self-manage
To protect our future by acting responsibly now
Strategies to cope with negative peer pressure
Celebrations and Festivals Why do we celebrate?
What festivals do we celebrate in New Zealand?
  • Easter, Christmas
  • Diwali, Chinese New Year
Pasifika dance festivals
Summer safety Staying safe in and on the water
Being sun smart
Being summer smart

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We guarantee to pay your Enrich subscription back in full if you are not 100% happy with the student enrichment activities provided to you in the first year.

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